Analog Cameras

American Dynamics analog cameras give you clear and accurate images. Our cameras provide a cost effective solution for anyone requiring analog camera surveillance. With easy mounting options, several models and configurations to choose from, and powerful features, our cameras help meet your most demanding surveillance needs. From our Discover 200 to the 750 Series, models include mini-domes, bullet, box and PTZ. American Dynamics offers a broad range of box camera lenses to meet the most demanding surveillance applications.

The Discover series of high performance mini domes includes high impact, vandal resistant dome housings, built to withstand the harshest environments. Unlike other dome housings in the industry, our Discover series housing is made with extremely durable materials. Advanced pivoting axis allows you to position the camera at exactly the angle you need, while optimal white balance provides the clearest and most perfect images possible.

Programmable dome cameras are equipped with wide dynamic range, true Day/Night, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and 35x and 540TVL. These features allow users to see farther and clearer. A 12x digital magnifier with 35x optical zoom yields a total zoom of 420x. This series also features privacy zones, on screen programming, alarm inputs and Direct Set, for fast access to the most frequently used functions.

With lens, housing and mounting options available, our analog cameras are an ideal choice for all organizations.

PTZ Dome Cameras PTZ Dome Cameras
Powerful pan, tilt and zoom functionality provides these cameras with a comprehensive view in every direction and can be a cost effective way to add a Programmable Dome camera to your video surveillance system.
Discover Mini-Dome Fixed Cameras Discover Mini-Dome Fixed Cameras
American Dynamics provides an expansive portfolio of mini-dome cameras that provide a cost-efficient solution for anyone requiring fixed camera surveillance. With eight different types of mini-domes to choose from, there’s a Discover solution just right for your particular requirements. This expansive portfolio of cameras is comprised of models to suit all applications and budgets.
Discover Bullet Fixed Cameras Discover Bullet Fixed Cameras
The Discover Series Bullet Cameras provide high resolution images in a versatile camera enclosure. Ideal for indoor commercial environments, these cameras are commonly used with a weatherproof, vandal-resistant enclosure for outdoor applications such as for a building perimeter or parking garage.
Discover Box Cameras Discover Box Cameras
American Dynamics provides a broad range of box camera configurations to meet the most demanding video requirements. From a cost-efficient option for the budget-conscious to more powerful options with the highest resolution, our cameras provide exceptionally accurate picture quality and color accuracy. 
Pre-Packaged Fixed Cameras Pre-Packaged Fixed Cameras
Pre-Packaged cameras take the guesswork out of installation, providing everything you need; camera, lens, housing, mount and mounting hardware.

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