IP Cameras

Future Proof Security Camera Technology

At CCTV Camera World we believe IP cameras (aka network cameras) are the future of security camera technology. We rigorously test and review the IP surveillance products we carry to ensure they perform to specifications, and are easy to integrate with our standalone network video recorders. Most network cameras we sell have PoE connectivity built-in, making them easy to use with any NVR with built-in PoE switch. Watch the video on the top of this page to learn more about how easy it is to setup our IP Security Camera Systems using PoE technology. Although there are several advantages to using IP based cameras, the main ones are 1) resolution support beyond 1080P, and 2) guaranteed connectivity with CAT5e or better network cabling. For customers looking to build a future proof security camera system, IP cameras are the best choice!

Which Resolution Should You Buy?

CCTV Camera World offers IP Security Cameras in resolutions ranging from 1080P (aka 2 Megapixels) to 12MP. Although 4K is considered Ultra HD, you can even go beyond 4K and attain even more detail with 12 Megapixels. Please take a look at the above image comparing the relative size of the videos rendered by the different resolutions. The image is not true to scale, but the comparison is meant to illustrate the difference in video pixel size and the resulting clarity difference as camera resolution increases. When choosing which camera you should buy, it is important to ask yourself how far will be the farthest distance you would like to see facial detail? We have developed this simple table explaining the extent of possible facial capture among different camera resolutions after extensive testing:

Max Facial Distance Capture In Daylight

Resolution Max Distance
D1 / 960H 10ft
720P 15ft
1080P 25ft
3MP 35ft
4MP 45ft
8MP 4K 55ft
12MP 70ft

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